The Upgrade! Course

a very rare live class with Kathryn Alice


Dear one,

I’m so excited to announce to you a very special course led by me personally for the purpose of upleveling your life in key areas.

In this process, we will choose the upgrades you want to make in your life, assess your starting point and make them happen for you.

Things will go rapidly for you, and this course is meant to take your manifestation abilities in to HIGH GEAR. I hope to have you aboard for the Upgrade! Course.

• love
• money
• career
• leisure
• relationships
• or any other goal/life arena you want to work on

There is extremely limited enrollment so spots will go quickly.

Why? I’m known for my creation process, and the amazing results it has reaped for thousands.

Things will go rapidly for you, and this course is meant to take your manifestation abilities in to HIGH GEAR. I hope to have you aboard for the Upgrade Course.

Be sure to register quickly because I have to limit it to 50 people (out of thousands who follow my work)– and some spots are already filled NOW.

People have heard about this course and have been asking when it will happen.

There’s more info below. If you’re ready to uplevel or have felt stuck, let’s go and get you going!

Love & Success,

This 30-day telecourse is for a select group who are ready to choose and make specific UPGRADES in their lives


Each participant will undergo a powerful, proven process of creating what you want. Kathryn’s secret technology is responsible for thousands of manifestations including:

  • soulmates
  • babies
  • major acting jobs in network series
  • huge income increases
  • dream jobs
  • successful business ventures
  • career changes
  • cars
  • homes
  • private planes
“I met my husband doing Kathryn’s work. We’ve now been together for 5 years. He’s the best thing that has happened to me, and he makes my life complete. It’s the most amazing and special relationship I’ve ever had. I’m doing things that I never thought I’d be doing, and I’m doing with him: we are making music together. We have a duo project called Tearful Moon ( check us out!) I sing and write songs ( I’ve always been a poet not a singer) and he does all the music. Thank you so much, Kathryn!”
Sky Lesco

Start with a CLEAN SLATE where
your past simply has no bearing on
how good it gets for you now

Lay in new patterns & undergo a process
that will change the way you do things &
what you are able to manifest for good,
upleveling your life dramatically.


“It’s pretty amazing what has happened this year. It took me 4 months to completely manifest everything I wanted. This work is unbelievably effective!”
Ashley Karr - Daytona Beach, FL

Greet each day with a new way
of being for major manifestation

Make Fall 2022
the time you

Each week — you will make progress in very easy, baby steps led by Kathryn

There are four do-at-home modules to complete in your journey to upgrade your life. The modules take you through a powerful creation process toward the goals you and Kathryn have set together for your life.

Guided meditations will aid our work as well as weekly check-ins.

In addition, live support classes give you real time access to Kathryn to answer your questions, give you support and shape your journey.

When she first started teaching this process, Kathryn never knew how far it would go or how much it would manifest for her students

We’d love to unleash this amazing protocol in your own life for the results we have seen for thousands of people who have worked with Kathryn

What this particular work has produced for people:

(many before the course ended)

  • soulmates
  • engagements and weddings
  • parts in regular television series & films
  • unexpected financial windfall
  • babies into their late 40’s
  • major book deals
  • cars
  • multiple houses
  • jobs
  • off-the-chart incomes
  • trips
  • private planes

One thing that this work entails is leaving behind any limits you have. If you have been stuck, if you have made progress at a snail’s pace, we will change that completely.

Nothing will have the power to hold you back as you do this work.

“Kathryn helped me to buy my first house in Los Angeles, CA back in 2000. She then helped me again five years later to buy another house in Alexandria, VA. We just recently moved again, this time to Sarasota, FL, and she worked her magic again! She is my go-to person when I have a specific intention I want to manifest.”
Wanice Mottola - Sarasota, FL



  1. 1 Registrants get the entire UPGRADE Program Materials that include Weekly Learning Module, Exercises & Homework. The group follows along the program together. This work can be incorporated into your daily routine, and you can listen while driving, working out or at your leisure.
  2. 2 Each week you will get a hypnosis guided meditation to go along with each step of these powerful process. This particular technology is one of the secret’s to Kathryn’s high success rate. It will align the parts of you that may have subconsciously held you back, sabotaged you or hung on to your setpoint, keeping you stuck out of fear of the unknown. Undergo the 15 minute meditation at least once during the week or you can experience it more than once, if you choose.
“I have created everything I’ve ever wanted in the most magical way using Kathryn’s deliberate creation technique including finding and marrying my soulmate AND having my first baby at 44 plus much more! This technique works amazingly well.”
Leslia Anderson - Los Anglses, CA

  1. 3 Each week, we will have one 60-90 minute LIVE support class by phone or web with Kathryn personally that will include teaching, questions, support, examples & processes. This live aspect is KEY to the success rate. Kathryn is holding your hand, and this is one of the only ways available to to get Kathryn’s help live (see schedule of live classes above). Even if you cannot make the live portion, you can key in questions and status update ahead of time, get your answers and listen to the recording after class when you have time. So you don’t have to miss a thing!
  2. 4 Everyone will have access to recordings of the weekly classes for replay and/or download as well as the modules and guided meditations. If you have to miss one, no worries – you can key in your question ahead of time and get the recording whenever you can. Download to keep forever for reference and repeat listening.
  3. 5 You will measure your level at the beginning of the course and track your progress throughout it with a series of surveys. We will track the changes.
  1. 6 Virtual reality exercises ensure that you are making where you want to go more real than where you are starting, a technique that ensures both that you progress and also that you don’t backslide.
  2. 7 A Secret Facebook Group (confidential) — reserved only for class members — gives you regular support throughout the course from Kathryn and your classmates — likeminded individuals doing the work along-side you. This support has proven invaluable in pulling you beyond where you may have been stuck. Lifelong friends have been made within the groups.
  3. 8 You will pinpoint the places in your life that need fixing, we will ascertain what has held you back, tackle those blocks and overcome them within the supportive, transformative environment of the course.
THE RESULT: This process has been Kathryn’s ultimate way to break through barriers with lightning speed manifestations. It has produced miracles for participants, and the Upgrade Course adds in a group energy plus live support from Kathryn to put your manifestation ability into TURBO.

Enroll in the Upgrade Course NOW and
Get $50 OFF Immediately AND receive
$2000 worth of BONUSES with your order

* CLICK HERE for the Upgrade Course F.A.Q. *

BONUS #1. Getting Up to Speed with What You Want Course

This never-before released private course, usually only available to Kathryn’s private clients, holds one of the keys to her success rate.

If you are NOT up to speed with your
goals, reaching them is a huge stretch.

Once you get up to speed, you feel you deserve them and they become easily in reach.

Telltale signs you are not up to speed include:
• nervousness
• intimidation with those you consider “out of your league”, powerful or better than you
• fear of rejection
• hesitation to take action

In this audio course with workbook & notes, you will learn what it takes to get up to speed with what you want, how to do so and undergo the process of getting there

BONUS #2. Accelerated Manifestation Course

Learn how to manifest in as little as 10 minutes.

When you need to manifest immediately — be it money, a job, housing or of course, love, this process has produced miracles.

Course includes:
• a process you can use whenever you need it
• Case studies of people who have used this technique succesfully
• Exercises to implement the technique in your life right away
• For the first time, Kathryn is revealing the trick to producing what you want in record speed
• Includes both audio + written notes

This course shows you what it takes to manifest instantly if you need to.

It comes in handy for a need to get something quickly. And accelerates your journey into your dreams. Once you learn it, you’ll never worry when it comes to a crunch — you’ll know just what to do.

BONUS #3. Never Revert! Make Manifestation a Way of Life Course

This powerful bonus ensures that you will NOT GO BACK, slipping right back down into your setpoint.

It reveals the SECRET to making the changes you are making STICK, so you don’t backslide.

Course includes audio, notes, exercises and case studies to ensure your manifestation not only sticks but enlarges so your old life is a distant memory.

   $300    – Kathryn Alice’s UPGRADE Program Materials

+ $400    – The 4 Week Live Telecourse

+ $200    – The Upgrade Guided Meditations

+ $200    – Getting Up to Speed with What You Want Course

+ $200    – Accelerated Manifestation Course

+ $200    – Never Revert! Make Manifestation a Way of Life Course

$1,500     – TOTAL VALUE… but WAIT…!


The value of what you will manifest is PRICELESS, but we are still discounting the course more than 60%!

You will receive the entirety of Coursework Modules (which includes course notes and 4 audio modules), the weekly one hour+ of live classes with Kathryn & your peers as you work through the material, the 4 powerful hypnosis meditations, the virtual reality materials, the surveys and checking-in, plus Kathryn’s in-person, personal support (rare) via Facebook and the live support classes.

Not $1,500, but only $497 TOTAL! 
A Savings of $1053!

* Click HERE to ENROLL NOW! *


One Full Payment of $547 ON SALE for $497
3-Pay: $182.23 today + 2 monthly payments

The LIVE SUPPORT CLASSES follow the following schedule:

Wednesdays, Sept 7, 14, 21 & 28: 6 – 7 PDT (Los Angeles);
7 pm MDT (Denver); 8 pm CDT (Chicago); 9 pm EDT (N.Y.C.)
*Thursdays: 2 am (London); 5 am (Dubai); 10 am (Sydney)

Coursework is done on your own time, and there are several other ways built in to ensure optimum support for your breakthrough.

Can’t attend the support classes live? Awkward time zone? No worries! You can key in any questions or updates ahead of time, Kathryn will respond to them in the live class and you can hear the live class recording shortly after.

Upgrade Course Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. I have tried something like this before and I failed. I’m worried that will happen again. How do I know this course will work for me?

A: The coolest part is that this is totally different than anything out there because in this program you have Kathryn’s personal support

Many people say that allows them to succeed whereas in past programs they struggled and failed

Kathryn’s continual support made all the difference

Not to mention this process is legendary and has worked for so many people

Q. I’m worried I can’t make the live classes. That being the case, will this course still do me any good?

A: For the live support classes, you can still key in your progress and questions ahead of time and listen to the recording so you won’t miss a thing

We often have folks in other time zones like Europe who won’t be awake for the live classes, and they still see huge manifestation

Q. I’m super busy at work right now. Is this a lot of work, and what if I fall behind?

A: The beauty of this course is that it’s not too much work at one time. It’s only around 2 hours of work per week plus guided meditations you can go to sleep on

Our progress is more of a steady pace rather than a big push

Much of the course material is to be incorporated into your daily routine, so it’s quite do-able

And we have the luxury of many weeks together. If you fall behind, you have plenty of time to catch up

Plus everything is recorded, so you can use the material any time should you need to

“I wanted to update you on the manifesting work. I got a raise out of the blue a couple of weeks ago! It was a very nice surprise. I am thankful! In finding my soul mate. I am talking to a few guys. Weeding out the ones I don’t feel are a fit. I do have one that I am particularly interested in and he wants to talk on the phone soon. Things are looking good. Thank you so very much, Kathryn. I will use this process for the rest of my life. After so many years of no progress, I cannot believe how fast I get unstuck.”

“I mapped out a plan to get ut of debt in a year. To my surprise, it happened in less than six weeks! Thank you,
Kathryn – this process rocks!”
Katie Brown - Cleveland

“I got my man, we got our house & I continue to manifest.
Thank you, Kathryn”
Aisha Lloyd - Philadelphia

Q. I feel like this is a lot of money to spend on one course. How can I know it’s worth it?

A: We’ve added a gentle payment plan to make the price more affordable

And the enrollment fee is a small fraction of how much it costs to hire Kathryn as your coach. But still, you get her live support. In that way, it’s a bargain

While only you can make the call on whether the course is worth it, if you are resonating with Kathryn’s work, do look at the track record, the many success stories and make a decision while you still have the option

Because Kathryn offers so few live courses, this one will fill up — like all of the others have — and when that happens, you won’t have the option to join anyway

Q. I’m not on Facebook. Do I have to use that option in the course? Will I miss anything?

A: Facebook is one of the many benefits you get in the course. It’s an added bonus for support, but you don’t have to use that aspect of the course if you don’t want to. It’s like a gym, where you may not use every machine, but it’s nice to have the option.

That being said, some folks create an anonymous FB profile just to participate in the course support forum, and that’s always an option. You don’t have to completely plug into Facebook to use this benefit and no one ever has to know you’re on it

Q. One of the bonuses is really calling to me. Can I buy that separately?

A: We’re sorry to say that’s not an option. Because of their advanced material, the bonuses are only available to students that Kathryn is working with personally

These bonuses are not for sale separately, and are only available for those enrolled in the class to enhance the coursework they are doing

Q. Will this course be offered again? I’m not sure I’m ready for it

A: We are not sure at this time

If the course is offered again, it will be a year before Kathryn offers a repeat, and we know you don’t want to wait an entire year to get in gear & start manifesting

This is your life we’re talking about!

Kathryn does very few live courses, and that’s why they fill up so quickly

It’s rare to get Kathryn live and this is the first time Kathryn has ever offered the Upgrade Telecourse, so it should fill up even more quickly than usual

Our best advice is not to wait if you are feeling the course calling to you now. Act fast to ensure you get a space

“Kathryn, you were not kidding when you said there was someone for me. Thank you so much!”
Kim Rutledge - Sacramento

About Kathryn:

Kathryn Alice is author of the instant bestseller Love Will Find You. She has taught internationally in over 50 cities on 5 continents. She has helped tens of thousands of people make their dreams come true. Her work has been featured in Psychology Today, The New York Times, AP, BODY+SOUL, Parade, USA Today, Los Angeles Magazine and on Montel, NBC and The Aware Show. Kathryn is based at Agape where she directed its Crisis Support Team for 6 years