Kathryn Alice Client Tune-up Package

You will receive:

  • 1 30 minute check-in and 1 Office Hours per month for 3 months
  • Plus resources as needed, homework, questions answered, support given and whatever you need to keep you moving forward

This offer is only good NOW for former clients of Kathryn’s to have an opportunity for a tune-up package to check in with Kathryn, update her, get support, insight, resources to help and some homework you agree on to continue going for what you want

Kathryn set this up for one of her Platinum clients who wanted some quick help and decided to offer it to any former client who needs a tuneup!

Please enroll NOW! Kathryn looks forward to working with you for the next 3 months! Immediately upon enrolling, check your email to set up your first appointment with Kathryn

Jump on this because it’s only good NOW, and as you know, an incredible opportunity to carry on with the work you’ve begun with Kathryn

Much love & support!