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How to Get a Good Night's Sleep

An estimated 65% of Americans experience regular sleep problems. If this is you, there is a natural way - no drugs needed - for you to overcome this problem. Every Western culture experiences a similar sad statistic. Why? It's a combination of stress, heightened expectation with little attention paid to physical needs and a culture of fear and worry. Even when the cause seems to be physiological, the condition's cause is usually some sort of stress.

No matter what is going on with you physiologically, you can alter your body chemistry, change your state of being to get to sleep with ease and grace and stay asleep.

Kathryn has used this process on a person in ICU, hooked up to all sorts of machines, and watched their blood pressure go down, their heartbeat become more smooth and the person then drift into a peaceful sleep with no drugs under very loud, unusual conditions.

This Kit is your answer to sleep problems in a natural, soothing manner that will benefit your life in untold ways. It will help you find the balance that improves your life and facilitates wonderful night's sleeps.

Buy The Sleep Kit now and:

  • Learn why sleep drugs can not only be dangerous but sometimes don't work or quit working after a while

  • Discover which 20% of the population have had a battle with sleep since childhood, find out if YOU fall into this special category and what to do about it

  • Find out about the sleep problem that creatives - musicians, artists, writers and others - often have and what can be done about it

  • Get how HEALERS and health workers may experience sleep differently, their special sleep challenges and overcoming them with a 5 minute technique included in the Kit

  • Learn the truth about sleep apnea, narcolepsy, restless leg syndrome, teeth grinding and why you can ignore much of the material out there about them

  • This product will make you healthier, not weaker, unlike every medical sleep product out there

"Kathryn has been talking me to sleep now
for a few years. My entire sleep patterns
have changed, my insomnia dissolved and
no more nightmares. Thanks, Kathryn!"
--Diana Kanter, Santa Barbara, CA

"I went off my prescription sleeping meds
within a few months with Kathryn's meditations
being the major factor that allowed me that
freedom. And my sleep is much better!"
--Erika Richards, Chicago, IL

"The five minute meditation gets me back to
sleep when I wake up. In the past, I'd be up
for hours but now, it's only a few minutes."
--Rolf Petersen, San Francisco, CA

Plus you will receive:

  • New Parent Rescue - how to get sleep even    with a small baby

  • Simple fixes you can do that will improve your   sleep patterns drastically

  • STRESS BUSTERS that will change your life

  • Lessons on how to cope with unusual circumstances       like dealing with a breakup, death or trauma, and    how to sleep anyway

  • Solutions on what to do when you wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep

  • Solutions on what to do when you can't get to sleep to begin with

  • A two minute step you can take that will radically change your sleep life

  • A powerful technique that takes you to nirvana to provide the BEST SLEEP you've ever had in your life

  • The reasons why people go to sleep in Kathryn's house in the middle of a party and access for YOU to this SAME phenomenon (not that you WANT to go to sleep at a party, but won't it be nice to have a sleep secret that powerful?)

  • An instant stress buster

  • How to handle getting up and down to go to the bathroom all night

  • This Kit will improve your whole life, make you FEEL BETTER, less CRANKY, more hopeful

  • Tips on handling a spouse who SNORES or fidgets, keeping you up

To purchase this product now, click here: The Sleep Kit

The SLEEP KIT is the cost of less then ONE refill of your sleep medication and if it can help you and work better than pills, why not try it? It can change your world for good.

The SLEEP KIT contains everything Kathryn has learned about insomnia and the cures she's used effectively with clients for over a decade.

What You Get:

  • The equivalent of 2 full-length audio CD's to help you with most major sleep issues

  • A short guided meditation for nightly use that will help you have the best sleep ever. (Already many use Kathryn's meditations that aren't even for sleep to get to sleep. Imagine how powerful THIS one is for sleep!)

  • A longer meditation accompanied by soothing music for use when you are having major sleep issues

  • A special recording for use when you are going through major trauma that will soothe your nerves and aid you in getting through it

  • Over an hour of audio that addresses most major sleep issues, what to do about them and how you can overcome them

  • Tips, secrets and a truth beyond anything you are experiencing revealed

  • Techniques you can use to set yourself up for sleep success

  • Simple steps you can take that have huge effect on your sleep life

  • A written transcript of much of the material included

  • Available to you almost immediately by download. And no matter where you are in the world, you won't have to wait to have it shipped. You will get detailed instructions on how to download this life-changing material and if you have any problems, our customer service is there to help you.

Order The Sleep Kit NOW!  and you can use it for the rest of your life to help you sleep!

Don't delay!     

  • This process has already worked for thousands of happy sleepers who now have amazing dreams

  • The guided meditations ALONE will save you a FORTUNE in over-the-counter or prescription sleeping meds

Once you have registered, the program will either be shipped to you or you will receive an e-mail with information on accessing the recordings and additional materials.

To finally get the good nights' sleep that you deserve, purchase The Sleep Kit.

Downloadable Version- $79.95

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