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Learn 7 Steps to Attract Your ONE with the
NEW “Finding Forever Love” digital download

Opening Up Yourself to Love
This recording fills in the space between “Releasing a Person” and "Manifesting Love". In this newly-released recording, Kathryn reveals 7 steps specifically to help people line-up with their true path to love. If anything is possible in life (and we believe this -- Hope you do, too), then why would you settle for anything less than full-on, soulmate love? Take these steps and you’ll be next!!

  • The REAL SECRET to uniting with your true love
  • A method of attracting love that has worked for thousands
  • A short concise 'quickstart' guide to a magical "calling in love" process
  • Start magnetizing love to you within moments of beginning this book
  • Running time: 55 minutes

"This work is priceless. I found my forever love, we got engaged and then married within a year. Now, I've just had my second child. Without Kathryn's system, none of this would have happened for me. I am eternally grateful." ~ Barbara Culkin, New Jersey

"I took this workshop and met my One a few months later. We are now married. Kathryn was right and I just can't believe how well this worked for me!" ~ Orna Banarie, Los Angeles

The 7 Steps:
After introducing the process, Kathryn lays out each step and it's corresponding exercise one by one, track by track, to help you organize and focus on each step individually. Also included is a guided meditation and resources if you choose to go further in this work.

DO NOT WAIT to get this audio course. The transformation of your love life happens very quickly. Kathryn's workshops are much more than this, and private time with her is exorbitant, but for only $15.95 $15, you get the benefit of her powerful teaching and processes that you can listen to over and over to keep you in a good place. Order NOW!


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