Does Online Dating Scare You?

Are You Ready to HUGELY Uplevel

Your Online Dating?

From: Kathryn Alice

Tuesday, 6:00pm

Dear one,
I’m so excited to announce a product I haven’t offered in years.

So many of you have written to let me know that the HOW of finding your soulmate — where to look and what to do — is what hangs you up.

In order to help you, I’ve broken new ground with this 8-week process of online dating as a downloadable product. Word had gotten around about this program, and so many of you have been writing begging for us to release it. So here you go!

Use my 8 step proven online dating process that is unlike anything you’ve ever heard, and in two months, your life will not look the same.

You will avoid the pitfalls so many experience in the online dating world, and turn on the love magnet that cannot be denied, drawing forth your soulmate using a magical bonding technique that has worked for thousands.


No worries. The entire 2nd half of this course is on REGULAR DATING so you get my entire in-person dating information plus the bonuses and online info should you ever need it, too.

The fact is that online dating is just an INTRODUCTION. You still have to meet this person, connect, create a bond and go into commitment.

The best way to do this is with my method, which leads you through every step of this process. I also stress meeting people in person, even for the online folks.

So this course will help you EVEN IF YOU DON’T WANT TO ONLINE DATE.

There’s more below. Here’s to love for you in 2018 and beyond!

Love & support,

8-Week DIY Program

This 8-week course is for those
who are serious about online dating to
find the love of their lives IMMEDIATELY


  • How to use the Universal Attractant successfully to get who you are interested in to sit up and take notice
  • What most people do wrong in on-line dating that puts them into misery . . . and how to avoid that trap
  • An 8 step dating method that is quick, effective with AMAZING results
  • From signing up to doing your profile, weeding & connecting — a RADICALLY DIFFERENT approach that changes it all
  • What makes some people successful at on-line dating right away while others struggle and suffer
  • Why common dating “wisdom” could be KILLING your love life . . . and how to course correct to harness amazing seductive power
  • A simple skill to master that will make the online dating world your oyster
  • The 4 reasons no one interesting ever appears in your dating life (once you learn this, things will heat up quickly for you)
  • The Ensured Response Technique that you can use to instantly intrique promising soulmate candidates and keep them engaged
  • An effective emotional bonding method to expedite the whole process of finding love
  • Go step-by-step through the 8 week process that has worked for many from beginning to end
  • These steps are easy and take very little time so you adjust gradually to a new, effective way to online date
  • Weekly Q & A recordings with Kathryn to get further insights & in-depth application as you go through the process

Online date completely differently using a POWERFUL process to find the love of your life

“Kathryn, you were SO right. This is the setup that greeted us for our weekend away. All the staff were in on it, and the proposal took my breath away. Thank you!”

Leslie Anderson - Los Angeles

Online Dating for the One is tailored to those SERIOUS about welcoming in their soulmate through online dating

Does online dating scare you? Or has it gotten you down & proven unsuccessful?

Learn Kathryn’s 8-step online dating system to maintain soulmate level during the process – which changes EVERYTHING for you.

This pioneering material is like nothing you’ve ever experienced for online dating. Most systems leave a CRITICAL component out and therefore have very little success.

It is astounding how much magic happens in this process. The program includes the most important ingredient for online dating – little known but CRITICAL.

This process has resulted in over half of participants meeting someone that they’re still with before the process is even completed!

This work will get you beyond limits you’ve had in the past and transform dating for you for good

** Now it’s time for YOU to finally Date the way YOU want **

Online Dating for the ONE

Make This Your Year for Love!!

“I met my soulmate doing this process – such bliss! Thank you for being who you are and doing what you do.”

Alicia Ruelaz Maher - California

  • This rare offering will change the way you date for GOOD
  • Your ability to connect, relate, discern and FIND the One will be honed in this process
  • You will have PERMANENT access to this process as you go forth into dating for the One
  • You could spend thousands of dollars on online consultations & still be spinning your wheels unless you know this
  • You are going to have a lot of fun, which is a big component of dating happiness!
  • All you learn will apply to dating in general
  • You will not need to date much longer as you use this technique 🙂

Become one of the tens of thousands who have done Kathryn’s work, manifested & have to constantly pinch themselves to be sure their life is not a dream.

Nothing will have the power to hold you back as you do this work! Soon, you may have MORE to celebrate in your life than you have ever had!


1. An 8 Step Process of Online Dating that has been proven to work to attract your soulmate. You will be led through this process with recordings, notes, charts, exercises and videos to show you just how to do this well.

2. 8 support class recordings for each week. In these, Kathryn goes into further depth, answers questions and provides additional support.

3. Guided meditations to help line you up with this process. Each one will eradicate any resistance you have or any ways that you sabotage yourself in dating without knowing it.

4. The luxury of 8 weeks immersed in this process with Kathryn’s teaching taking the lid off of your possibilities. As you step out into dating a different way, you’re led through crafting a perfect on-line profile geared to bring your soulmate, putting up the perfect photo, joining the right service (one you choose) and beginning to interact and even meet people, all with the guidance of the teachings.

You are led in detail through every aspect of online dating from beginning to end with this Step-by-Step Guide.

“Kathryn; after taking your course, I met Jim. We connected Instantly, and we were just married. It’s been a blessing each day with him. Thank you for all that you do.”

Marsha Jarnagin - Colorado

PLUS, You Will Receive FIVE BONUSES with your Registration!

BONUS #1: ABC Connecting – recorded audio report w/ notes

As a second bonus, you will learn a method of connecting that Kathryn devised with a proven track record. Up until now, she has taught it only in telecourses, but with this hour-long audio report with a written transcript and notes, you will learn the basics of this highly successful method of connecting with someone who is attractive to you.

BONUS #2: Successful Online Dating – recorded audio class

Most people go about on-line dating the wrong way. Unfortunately, when you approach digital romance incorrectly, not only is it ineffective but it can actually SET YOU BACK, something Kathryn often sees in those she has worked with. This recording, otherwise unavailable, introduces you to the 8 steps and will back up all of the material you get in the course.

BONUS #3: 5 Magical Words to Have Them Begging for Your Number

How to make sure they chase you down, follow up and lock down the 2nd date, the 3rd date until you’re committed.

BONUS #4: Dating App Magic –

Kathryn will help you learn how to know which app is right for you, which to do and how to do them to avoid booty calls, scams and catfishing.

BONUS #5: Dating for the ONE – CD (pre-release)

Be the FIRST ONE to get this long-awaited new release before it comes out. Learn to conquer your fears about dating and turn it into a whole new ballgame. Learn to date effectively to avoid hurt and wasting your time by eradicating rejection entirely.

This is a UNIQUE opportunity.

So, How Much Value Are You Getting? Let’s See…

$5,000.00 – How Much Folks pay Online “Specialists” to Help Them Online Date (that often fail)
+ $1,500.00 – Price of Many Online Dating Courses with This Much Material (that don’t work)
+ $1,937.00 – The 5 Special BONUS Recordings



but WAIT…!

The value of what you will learn is PRICELESS — especially because it WORKS — and you will see a marked change to your dating life!

***** ONLY $597 *****

A SAVINGS OF $7,840! More than 90%!!

You will receive the entire 8 step, detailed online dating materials (which includes audio, video and notes for each step), the weekly hour of live classes with Kathryn & your peers as you work through the material, the ABC Connecting Report, the Online Dating Success Teleseminar, 5 Magical Words to Have Them Begging for Your Number, the Dating App Magic class, the prerelease of Dating for the ONE CD, and the live forum to get Kathryn’s weekly input and support from your classmates.

Online Dating for the ONE 8-Week Course

Online Dating for the One

Steps 1-8 • Meditations • Support Classes with Q & A Sessions, Case Studies and Going Deeper into each step

About Kathryn:

Kathryn Alice was a single mom for 10 years before meeting her soulmate Jon. She’s a late bloomer who then had two more children in her forties. Kathryn is considered one of the U.S.’s foremost experts on soulmates & dating. Author of the bestseller Love Will Find You, she teaches around the world and is responsible for thousands of people recovering from heartbreak and finding the love of their lives. Her work has been featured in Psychology Today, USA Today, The Daily Mail, The New York Times, Parade, NBC, CNN and many other media. Kathryn directed the Agape Crisis Support Team for 6 years and is a graduate of Vanderbilt University. Kathryn has been married to her own soulmate, Jon, for 15 years and they have four boys.