Next best thing to having Kathryn as your personal coach!

  • Handle your love life
  • Boost your income
  • Step into the life you’re meant to lead
  • With our unmatched track record

Get all the tools, handholding & accountability you to make your top goals happen – in less than a year. Start now & your momentum will soar. Limited spaces – join NOW!

Ready to make your love & other dreams a reality?

Most attempts to change & go for what you want fail

Why? Because we don’t apply what we learn to our lives

It’s hard to build better habits

There can be resistance, procrastination — all of which are fear based

It takes a concerted and steady effort that includes

  • building new neural pathways
  • forming new, more positive patterns
  • soothing fears

Guess what has been shown to help the most?

  • emotional support
  • hand-holding (with coaches & fellow club members)
  • accountability (having someone to track your progress & gently support you when you fall short)
  • breaking your goals into easily-achievable baby steps rather than facing a huge daunting task

This is what the Love & Manifestors Club does for you & why I created it

I saw that one a-ha moment doesn’t stick unless it’s backed up by a plan with support & steady progress

The Love & Manifestor’s Club will be your home base to get:

  • guidance
  • inspiration
  • hope
  • connection to a community of like-minded people doing the same work
  • hand-holding
  • accountability and much more!

I’m proud to say that this has worked for so many I’ve coached privately to manifest:

  • soulmates
  • engagements
  • marriages
  • babies

plus things like:

  • overcoming physical limits
  • manifesting a car or house
  • achieving a quiet mind & true peace
  • receiving windfalls & income increase (“more money than I can spend” is the affirmation here)
  • achieving a career where work feels like play – reduced hours & more money
  • signing with a desired agent or a great business deal
  • many bucket list goals

So let me ask you this

Are you ready to manifest a life beyond your wildest dreams?

There is no substitute for having a program with coaching to break you through.

“The Love & Manifestors Club is something I have begged for! LOL. Making the decision to join is easy when you look at the value and the priceless results. If you’re looking for an instant support system, coaching & the way to make it happen — all topped with love, compassion & hand-holding, this is it. Every week, it offers me several events to move my goals forward, to get things done, to remind me the path to my dreams coming true. It’s an easy way to get a consistent dose of know-how, inspiration and motivation every week from my favorite spiritual leader (who feels more like a friend!). I know Kathryn’s track record and what she has already done for me. Can’t wait for more!”

—Georgina Cunningham

As Seen In…

here’s how
you’ll be supported

  • Step 1

    When you sign up for the Love & Manifestors Club, you’ll get me & my lead coaches as your personal coach. We'll take out all the guesswork to make your steps into your dreams easy and fun.

  • Step 2

    We'll coach you according to what you want to achieve, start with defining what you want to do, what has stood in your way & map out a plan

  • Step 3

    As an LMC Member, you will receive 50% off any live course Kathryn holds forever, 4 bonusesg of your choice, an intake one-on-one session to jumpstart your journey & map out personal, tailored steps into what you want and an extra Bonus Course (Total Value of These Extra Benefits: $3,000)

  • Step 4

    The Love & Manifestors Club has twice weekly events to keep you on track that include: once weekly 'Get It Done' hours to check in, eradicate procrastination & get hand-holding to move forward; Q & A with Kathryn personally; Office Hours once a month and Live Hot Seat Coaching

  • Step 5

    Between each event, you can come to our supportive community of like-minded souls on the same path for support. You will receive custom-prescribed classes & modules to take care of the exact issue you are dealing with, be it procrastination, fear, blocks or indecision.
    There are hundreds of hours of content available (available only for Kathryn's private clients until now) to help you manifest love, make a relationship you want happen, manifest abundance, reduce your fears, improve your relationships and more. An app is coming soon, and you’ll have automatic access to it as a Love & Manifestors Club Member.


Weekly Events

Each week, we will have events to support you & ensure your steady progress

Get It Done Hours

Get It Done Hours Weekly to drop by, set an intention for what you will do, get support & hand-holding and DO IT

Q & A Hours with Kathryn

Q & A with Kathryn Personally Once a Month – rare time with Kathryn to get her personal coaching and support

Office Hours

Office Hours Once a Month – drop by for in-the-moment issues to solve, guidance, hand-holding & coaching

Hot Seat Coaching

Hot Seat Coaching Once a Month – a chance to get more in-depth coaching and hear others make on-the-spot leaps in their lives

Personalized Coaching

  • You can unlock up to 4 modules per month to treat the exact issue you are grappling with from resistance to procrastination to overthinking & worrying to how to get someone you like to commit. Over 100 modules, classes & courses are available that until now, have been reserved for Kathryn’s private clients who pay thousands per month for that access
  • You will also have personal support in the various LCM Events & in our community, where coaches and Kathryn check regularly to give you what you need

This process — which has worked for thousands of people — will show you exactly how to transform your love life, release fear, attract abundance and so much more! This is the only place where you can get coaching directly from me moving forward as well as my top trained coaches.


As part of your LCM Club benefits, you’ll have access to many specialized meditations, a form of hypnosis, to eradicate any internal conflict, sabotage or block that have kept you stuck. We can subscribe to you which ones are best for your progress. Or you can choose your own!


Kathryn’s clients rave about the secrets contained in her prized and proven modules. The audio lessons are a revelation and count for a great deal of maniestations we see as clients work with Kathryn.


When you sign up for the Love & Manifestors Club, you will have the option to join a higher level of the Club called “Small Coaching Group”. This will catapult you even faster into your dreams-come-true with one group meeting per week, quarterly private sessions with Kathryn herself or one of her lead coaches and unlimited access to modules, classes, courses & guided meditations to ensure you go as fast as you can into what you want. Very limited enrollment – appropriate for those who want to go extra fast or need extra support due to healing needed or a particularly rough time in your life


Our amazing private community will connect you with like-minded people, give you regular support, inspiration and case studies. The high vibes of this group ensure you’ll stay at the highest level of attraction & help your results come faster


When you join the Love & Manifestor’s Club, you gain access to the entire library of Kathryn’s private client content, which goes all the way back to 2000. You’ll have access to hundreds of meditations, workshops, live talks and more. If you have ever gotten a bonus from one of Kathryn’s courses or sales, you have had a taste of how ground-breaking this material is. This content is priceless in its wisdom & in the results it brings
When you have a regular support & guidance, you no longer get trapped in unhealthy patterns. You feel empowered, hopeful and inspired. You become a magnetic and effortlessly manifest what you desire.

You’re never on your own—I and my lead coaches will be there to guide you every step of the way. This is a flexible membership that’s designed to work with YOUR schedule. Plus, the moment you join, you become part of a supportive community of people who share your values and will help you stay on track.

Kathryn helped me to buy my first house in Los Angeles, CA back in 2000

She then helped me again five years later to buy another house in Alexandria, VA. We just recently moved again, this time to Sarasota, FL, and she worked her magic again! She is my go-to person when I have a specific intention I want to manifest.

— Wanice Mottola – Sarasota, FL

I met my husband doing Kathryn’s work.

We’ve now been together for 5 years. He’s the best thing that has happened to me, and he makes my life complete. It’s the most amazing and special relationship I’ve ever had. I’m doing things that I never thought I’d be doing, and I’m doing with him: we are making music together. We have a duo project called Tearful Moon ( check us out!) I sing and write songs ( I’ve always been a poet not a singer) and he does all the music. Thank you so much, Kathryn!

— Sky Lesco –


  • Initial assessment + private one-on-one to kick off your new & priceless membership in the LMC
  • Weekly Events: Get-It-Done hours, Q & A’s with Kathryn, Office Hours w Kathryn & other lead coaches, Hot Seat Coaching
  • Between each event, you will receive coaching via the community, discussions, private customized coaching, plan & modules + meditations to support each step. You will always have actionable steps and clear guidance to keep you moving forward throughout the week.
  • Regular meditations to treat your subconscious blocks and fears, point you to where you want to go & strengthen your centere, flow state for maximum attraction (just press play!)
  • Full audio & video lectures, classes & modules available only to members
  • All-access pass to 20+ years & hundreds of hours of content on demand with more available the more you participate to encourage you to engage & move forward quickly
  • Private, supportive community with personal coaching
  • Exclusive course discounts & other perks — save 50% on most of my digital courses and get special extras throughout the year, plus extra bonuses
  • Group Coaching Level – will include all of the LMC benefits, plus extra one-on-one & small group meetings for accelerated progress — if you want to go faster or need extra support. Very limited enrollment
  • Private Coaching Level – will include all of the LMC & Group Coaching benefits, plus weekly one-on-one sessions, emergency availability (so you get help when things are happening & you need it), weekly Office Hours & unlimited modules from the get-go – only a handful of spots available
  • Choice of one $400 – $800 Course at no charge. Pick any one that would help you most be it the Self Esteem Course, the 30 Day Soulmate Bootcamp, the Love Will Find You 10 Week Course, Breakup Bootcamp, Dating for the One, Online Dating for the One. This can also apply to live courses (if you want to bank this credit like the Yearly Blueprint, Create-a-Mate, Upgrade Course, etc)

We are here to support you

I used to direct a Crisis Support Team & no matter where you are starting or what you need, I can and will help you.

The guidance and resources I share in the LMC will inspire deep, meaningful and sustainable manifestations & changes in your life.

If you want an easy and fun way to change old habits and become a magnet for what you desire, the LMC is for you.

If you want an awesome community of like-minded new friends who share your values, the LMC is for you.

If you want to manifest a life beyond your wildest dreams, the LMC is for you!

I got my man

I got my man, we got our house & I continue to manifest. Thank you, Kathryn

— Aisha Lloyd – Philadelphia

Thank you so much!

Kathryn, you were not kidding when you said there was someone for me. Thank you so much!

— Kim Rutledge – Sacramento

Become a Love & Manifestors Club Member

Choose the subscription option that is best for you!
subscriptions are automatically renewed in one or three month increments depending on your choice of payment plan


If you decide the Love & Manifestors Club isn’t for you, you can cancel your subscription within 7 days of purchase and receive a full refund. Otherwise, it’s a 3 month initial commitment to really get things moving for you, and after that, you can cancel at any time.



A: If you decide the Love & Manifestors Club isn’t for you, you can cancel your subscription within 7 days of purchase to receive a full refund. After that, an initial 3 month commitment is required to get you up & running. After that, cancel at any time. Upon cancellation, you will no longer have access to the materials, events or the private community.
Canceling the renewal prevents your payment method from being charged again when your 3-month or annual subscription ends. You’ll continue to be able to access and benefit from the membership (including the community) through the last day of your subscription.


A: The Love & Manifestors Club is an online subscription that makes it easy and fun to stay committed to your journey into your dreams. Consider me & my lead coaches as your own personal coaches! Each week you’ll have fun events to keep you on track, material like meditations, audio lessons, worksheets, positive affirmations and so much more. I take out all the guesswork to make your journey to love & other dreams easy and fun! Plus, you can access all the content on your phone, computer or tablet. Take me with you on the road, your workout or out to coffee. You can also connect with the most supportive community of like-minded LMC Members in our private community. And you get exclusive access to workshops and discounts. As a Charter Member (currently still open), you will have VIP access, opportunity for lunch with me at Soho House & bonuses only for our Charter Members (and these benefits are for life).


A: If you struggle to stay on track, procrastinate, feel stuck and always feel like you’re starting over instead of making progress in your life, the LMC will give you the structure, accountability, means and guidance you need to stay the course until you are living your dream. Plus, you’ll have me—plus Kelly & our lead coaches and our super awesome LMC community—as your support system. The Love & Manifestors Club is for anyone who wants to stay consistent with their journey and live a miraculous life—whether you’ve already manifested & want to tackle even bigger goals or have been stuck with no progress.


A: Everything is in the membership portal! Just log in and you can access all the meditations, audio lessons, worksheets, talks and other material that have been prescribed for you—you’ll get much archived content but also we give you homework & specific material tailored to what you need to move forward. I have had great success in coaching, have crafted material to very specifically address all major blocks & stumbling points to help you & you’ll only get what will truly help you so you won’t get overwhelmed.
You can access the membership portal from your computer, tablet or smartphone. And to make it easy to stay consistent, you will have your personal account with what you need and twice weekly events to get loads of support & direction. Plus you can join our private community to find partners, ask questions, share your progress and have fun! This high-vibe community will support you on your path.


A: That’s up to you! You can be a super adopter or a targeted member — either one works. Pick & choose what events will help you the most — and we’ll be coaching you with that with an action plan, mapping out steps & hand-picking the material that will get you going the fastest. The portal is packed with hundreds of hours of content on topics like finding love, dating, sealing the deal, manifesting, reducing anxiety, relationships, increasing your income, manifesting the perfect career, app dating, healing deep wounds and more. It’s like Netflix for achieving! The awesome thing about the Love & Manifestors Club is that it makes it really easy to stay on track and live the life you’ve dreamed of.
If you choose to adhere to the homework we’ll give you, you’ll need anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes a day & can weave many of the lesson absorption into your day while commuting, working out or showering. But if you want to hang out in the membership portal all afternoon, that works too! Whole hog immersion in the material is super inspiring & can allow you to manifest even more quickly


A: It will be there waiting for you! You can go back to any lesson, meditation, or homework at any time. The LMC gives you a flexible structure. There are no rigid rules. And we’re there for you to keep you on track, too.


A: Yes! The LMC is for anyone who already has manifested & wants to tackle more goals OR also anyone who has been frustrated & has not seen many or any of their dreams come true (That was me up until age 35!). All you need to start is the desire to get going! The Love & Manifestors Club gives you flexible structure, support, guidance, inspiration and community as you begin this journey with us. In fact, it’s an awesome place to start, thanks to our super high-vibe community—ask any question in the group! Instead of going in a million directions and feeling overwhelmed, you can lean on my guidance and start your manifesting journey with clarity.


A: Definitely! The LMC will enhance your current manifesting and help you tackle even bigger goals, the ones you’ve been scared to go for or seem out of reach. Even the most empowered person can get knocked off track or run into a goal that seems impossible. That’s why I created the membership. I will meet you wherever you are and make it effortless and fun to stick with your manifesting and go for even bigger goals, the ones that have been elusive! Plus, our coaching, your personal homework, and the twice weekly club events will give you clear direction on the small actions you can take to manifest even more of your dreams
Kathryn Alice is a bestselling author, who has taught internationally in over 50 cities on 5 continents. She has helped tens of thousands of people make their dreams come true. Her work has been featured in Psychology TodayThe New York Times, AP, BODY+SOUL, Parade, USA Today, Los Angeles Magazine and on Montel, NBC and The Aware Show. Kathryn directed Agape’s Crisis Support Team for 6 years. A graduate of Vanderbilt University, Kathryn lives in Malibu with her husband of more than 20 years, Jon and their children and pets.