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Check out our current listings below and be sure to check back periodically for additional events, products & sales! 2020 is finally over, one of the most difficult years in most of our lifetimes. Here’s to new life in 2021! We are here and want to help!

During uncertainty, want to plan your year so you’re resilient for any surprises in the new year

This is an introduction to a magical creation process that has worked for thousands of people

Those who did this process going into 2020 were more prepared, better set up to flourish even during lockdowns and a global pandemic that is still going

People have manifested everything from a soulmate to a baby to a private plane, houses, cars, jobs, book deals, unexpected money, acting parts in series and films and almost anything you can imagine with this process

And so during 2020, those who started this process with Kathryn were already well underway and did not skip a beat as things changed

Even Kathryn has been surprised at the level of manifestation this process brings

  • Set yourself up to be supported in 2021 no matter what change is happening
  • Program yourself to make 2021 your year of big manifestation
  • Learn to go fast and create all you’ve wanted
  • No matter how frustrated you’ve been, this works
  • This secret works to make your dream come true, even if it seems completely out-of-reach
  • Nothing is off limits once you know this process
  • This process is why we have had so many romances, engagements, pregnancies and other manifestations with this work, even as our lives have been disrupted

This is the most important info you may ever hear and could not be more timely

To join Kathryn for this mindblowing class, enroll NOW in
Go BIG in 2021 HERE

This 5-week course is for a select group who are ready to go beyond what they’ve known and ready to make 2021 their year

Pick 4 things that you want to happen in 2021. Go through a tried-and-true manifestation process that is highly effective. Within a month of this work, dramatic shifts will already be producing results in these areas

We will also analyze your money style/archetype and troubleshoot any issues that have kept you from full-on abundance. Your effectiveness style will also be analyzed so that we know how you work best and how to best step you into the goals you want

2020 can be a distant memory as you get beyond it and never look back. Lay in new patterns & create a Blueprint that will change the way you do things & what you are able to manifest for good, up-leveling your life dramatically.

Click HERE for More Info or to Enroll Now

Love Will Find You – Audiobook
9 Magnets to Bring You and Your Soulmate Together

Now Available!

This book was a bestseller off pre-orders before it was every published. It has gone into countless printings and years later, is an “evergreen” book that just keeps selling and selling. Word-of-mouth for this book has been huge, and thousands have found their One using the simple process laid out in this book

Finally! By popular demand, the book has been released as an audiobook just in time for the holidays

Love Will Find You is a true antidote to all the strict rules-oriented dating books out there, explaining why every one of the 110 million single Americans have reason to celebrate:

  • Nothing will keep love from you
  • Even if you never leave the house, your soulmate will find you
  • You are never too old, too fat, or too poor for love
  • There is no such thing as rejection, only the wrong fit

Hate going out? Does every singles’ event feel like a convention of desperation? Are you stuck in a past “crazy love” relationship you can’t shake?

Using the nine love magnets, Kathryn Alice has helped thousands of people to discard their old notions of dating, teaching practical steps to get love, including: healing your perceived “fatal flaws”; decluttering your heart and releasing old loves; sending out a soul call; and banishing the idea that you need to kiss 100 frogs to find your prince(ss).

It’s time to get excited and celebrate this long-awaited release

You can now purchase the audiobook as either downloadable MP3s or in a CD set HERE
You can also get a copy of the paperback and Kindle book directly from Amazon HERE
It’s a great introduction to Kathryn’s work!


Kathryn Alice is author of the bestseller Love Will Find You. She has helped tens of thousands of people manifest exactly what they want. Her work has appeared in the AP, Psychology Today, Daily Mail, USA Today, The New York Times, Body+Soul, and on Montel, NBC, and The Aware Show. Kathryn directed Agape's Crisis Support Team for 6 years & has taught on 6 continents. She has been married for almost two decades. Kathryn & her husband Jon have 4 boys. Kathryn is a graduate of Vanderbilt University


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