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Thriving During a Pandemic – FREE class!
Thursday, March 26th: Replay Available Briefly

Kathryn is in quarantine, just as you probably are. A master at going virtual, manifestation and making the best of your situation, Kathryn is here for you, to hold your hand through this tough time and show you how to make the most of it

In this free class:
• Learn how to rise above these strange times
• A practical plan to stay safe & move ahead in love, income and any major goal you have . . . even while staying at home
• How not to give into fear but stay in faith
• Retaining your power even when the bigger picture is far beyond your control
• The secret to mastering an unprecedented time on earth
This is a challenging time for us all right now. There are two ways you can deal with it:
     a) as a victim of circumstance, filled with anxiety and fear with external focus
     b) as empowered using focus, strength and resilience to rise above and use this time for the good
This time will pass, and you can come out ahead when it’s all done. Kathryn is with you and is here to help
Sign up now for this free class & let’s get you pointed in the right direction so you’re not floundering but purpose-driven and not just surviving but thriving. Recorded on March 26th, the Webinar Replay will be available for a brief time.



Certified Love Attraction™ Coach Teacher Training
Enroll NOW for the 2020 Session – Begins SOON!

This training will teach you how to become a Certified Love Attraction™ Coach. If you are drawn to this calling and like Kathryn’s work, that is all you need to qualify for the program. Kathryn will virtually lead you through this experience where you will have invaluable time to learn from her and others’ experiences along with personal attention, something that is highly sought-after and hard to get.

We will play to your strengths as we craft your practice to suit who you are, your preferences and what suits you the best in your business.

Click HERE for more information on the 2020 C.L.A.C. Teacher Training


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