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Have you despaired about ever finding love?

Are you frustrated with not getting the one you have your eye on?

Want to get your ex back and have it work this time?

During this free class learn:

  • Pulling in love rather than have to get “out there” (great for these times we’re in)
  • Make it work with the one you want, even if it’s looking bad
  • Bring your ex back, no matter how hopeless it may seem
  • Learn what you do wrong that keeps love away
  • The SECRET attractant that is irresistible

This process has worked for thousands of people now on our ever-expanding Wall of Weddings

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The track record for this work is indisputable.

Kathryn Alice: Soulmate Cards – BRAND NEW App

Now Available for FREE for a limited time!

Click HERE for Apple iOS or HERE for GooglePlay/Android

For the first time, we’re happy to announce Kathryn has an app

It’s called Soulmate Cards by Kathryn Alice and it is for singles looking for love or dating

It’s free on both the Apple store and Android store for now, but will be a paid app once it’s out of Beta testing

Grab it now by searching for “Soulmate Cards” or “Kathryn Alice” in your respective app store — while it’s free

Click HERE for the Apple iOS App

Click HERE for the GooglePlay/Android App

And we would most appreciate if you could add a review of it in the App Store, too

Enjoy! It’s meant to keep you uplifted as you open to love


Kathryn Alice is author of the bestseller Love Will Find You. She has helped tens of thousands of people manifest exactly what they want. Her work has appeared in the AP, Psychology Today, Daily Mail, USA Today, The New York Times, Body+Soul, and on Montel, NBC, and The Aware Show. Kathryn directed Agape's Crisis Support Team for 6 years & has taught on 6 continents. She has been married for almost two decades. Kathryn & her husband Jon have 4 boys. Kathryn is a graduate of Vanderbilt University


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