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Check out our current listings below and be sure to check back periodically for additional events, products & sales! We wish you all the best as we approach summer! Here’s to accomplishing all that you’ve dreamed of this year! We are here and want to help!

3 Month Coaching Group for Love, Money, Career, and More
Through Kathryn’s Love & Manifestor’s Club

June 26 through the end of September

To be considered for this rare small group coaching environment, with

  • hands-on Coaching with Kathryn personally
  • transforming with like-minded people
  • private materials to move you forward on different issues you have
  • access to ALL Love & Manifestor’s Club events & support

Please fill out this form to get on the waiting list. Availability will open in mid-June.

VIP Intensive in London, EnglandLive in-person event

Coming this Fall 2024 – Location: Kensington Area near Hyde Park

This fall Kathryn will be in London and would love to see her followers, readers & friends in person!

An in-person day with Kathryn for intensified coaching & a mini-coaching program

When Kathryn teaches in London, people travel from all over Europe, Africa & the Mid-East

Please apply if you are interested at this link. More information will be provided as the summer progresses.


Kathryn Alice is author of the bestseller Love Will Find You. She has helped tens of thousands of people manifest exactly what they want. Her work has appeared in the AP, Psychology Today, Daily Mail, USA Today, The New York Times, Body+Soul, and on Montel, NBC, and The Aware Show. Kathryn directed Agape's Crisis Support Team for 6 years & has taught on 6 continents. She has been married for more than two decades. Kathryn & her husband Jon have 4 boys. Kathryn is a graduate of Vanderbilt University


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