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Check out our current listings below and be sure to check back periodically for additional events, products & sales! Spring is now upon us bringing new life after the second in two of the most difficult years many of us have ever experienced. Here’s to new life in 2022! We are here and want to help!

Join tens of thousands of people who have found love through the bestselling Love Will Find You book

Want to be next on our wall of weddings?

Love Will Find You has built a huge following as one person finds love using its method and then, tells all of her friends or buys the book for every single friend she has

By popular request, Kathryn has put together a 10 week course based on this miraculous method. And she will be facilitating this course along with you

If you want to be led by Kathryn through this powerful law of attraction method into the arms of your soulmate, don’t hesitate to jump on this course!

What Do You Get?

10 Attraction Modules: Each module includes exercises, case studies, fun activities, bonuses and quizzes to keep you engaged and having fun while learning. You will become magnetic and see positive changes in your love life right away

10 Q&A Phone/Zoom Calls: Kathryn is here as your coach to hold your hand through the hard parts, answer questions, & tailor the material to your situation. Whatever time zone you’re in, whatever schedule you have, everything is recorded so you can do the work on your own time

Recordings To Keep Forever: The course material is yours for a lifetime. You can download it and put it on a cloud or save until you need it (like the Happily Ever After work). It’s evergreen and so if you need a reminder or refresher, it’s there for you for as long as you need it

Calls are on Wednesday at 4:00pm Pacific time. If you can’t make all or any of the live calls, you can attend even if your time zone is inconvenient! Just put in a question, sharing & feedback ahead of time in the question box and hear the recording after when it works for you. The First Live Call is on Wednesday October 12th.

Click HERE for more information and to Enroll NOW


Kathryn Alice is author of the bestseller Love Will Find You. She has helped tens of thousands of people manifest exactly what they want. Her work has appeared in the AP, Psychology Today, Daily Mail, USA Today, The New York Times, Body+Soul, and on Montel, NBC, and The Aware Show. Kathryn directed Agape's Crisis Support Team for 6 years & has taught on 6 continents. She has been married for almost two decades. Kathryn & her husband Jon have 4 boys. Kathryn is a graduate of Vanderbilt University


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