Do you have an issue with connecting to the one you want?!

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           From: Kathryn Alice


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Hey there!

So it's not working out for you in love

Even when you feel like you're tried everything

Don't know what else to do?

I can help

You may have heard of my GREAT success helping others find love

And working it out with the one they want (one of my specialties)

Thousands have found love under my tutelage

The success rate we have with my work is unparalleled

Sadly, my private coaching program is FULL

But now you can get my help as a coach, my expertise anyway . . . at an affordable price

I've put together an entire, one-of-a-kind LIVE program, a DATING MASTERMIND where I lead you into attracting who you want and creating a powerful bond right away- and it's going to turn your world around.

You'll be guided through a journey to love that makes dating fun & effective.

Your One-Stop Crash Course In:

        • Leaving fear and timidity behind
        • Connecting with anyone you want without risk
        • Exactly what to say and do to be craved
        • Attracting someone you can't stop thinking about. . .
          even if you have not met anyone attractive to you in a long time
        • Get coaching from me personally each step along the way
        • Get support, feedback and helpful tips from a community
          of like-minded people doing the same work as you
        • Learn how to date SMART


        • If you already have someone in mind you want it to work
          out with, we will change that situation so this person will
          see you in a new light and want it to work out with you

This process has been known to save marriages

And revive a relationship on its last gasp


I will show you how to rid yourself of the negative beliefs that are sabotaging your love success.

backed up by POWERFUL tools
to date for the Love of your Life!

Here's just some of what else you'll learn:

 • The one thing to begin with when you first meet that
   vastly increases your chances of being successful.

 • How to shine your light fully so that you stand out
   from everyone else and convey clearly that you are
   an opportunity not to be passed up...

 • The reasons that you've been scared to connect - broken
   down and explained. If you're having problems starting
   conversations, the reason is on this list... and I will
   show you a quick and easy way to eliminate it.

 • How to completely reprogram your subconscious so
   that you can connect... anytime... in any situation...
   without even thinking about it.

 • Pick the best approach for you... and the best one for
   each situation. We'll figure out what works for you
   for very different results.

 • What people who have no problem finding love do -
   what their approaches are naturally... and why they
   almost never fail. This natural success formula will
   work for you, too.

 • The signal you can give to insure you are approachable
   to who you want... and how you may have been under-
   mining yourself by not appearing open, even if you
   think you are.

 • Mistakes that even naturals can make that will kill a
   dating relationship even if you've been out a few times.

 • The Cold Meeting - how to handle connecting with someone you have never met before
   but who has caught your eye, getting them to come to YOU, connecting and creating an
   emotional bond quickly so they won't be able to forget you and will chase you down.

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Dating & Connecting Mastermind

Become Irresistible in Your Interactions

Make This YOUR Time of LOVE!!


In this 8 week coaching mastermind, you will get the support you need to make your dating experience a success!


1. Quick easy weekly modules with Innerwork and Outerwork to get you clear on how to date smart AND with targeted goals to maximize your efforts

2. The guidance and tools you need to overcome what has held you back from finding love

3. Twice Monthly Group Support calls with me where you have an opportunity to ask me questions, get clarity and share your wins!

4. Twice Monthly Group Chats where you can pop in for advice, support and get questions answered with me directly

5. A secret Facebook group where you can get support from other group members, as well as daily check-ins from me

6. Lifetime access to course materials, including group call recordings. No need to stress if you get behind schedule!

7. Each week we will have hands-on, easy and fun activities that you can do during your day to apply what you learn to connect in a new way you had never known before that has proven super effective

As the course progresses, you will find yourself in a very different place where you are getting very different results as you connect and even think of yourself differently as you finally step into the power you have always had inside of you

You will learn the one thing you do that always
causes dates to go running for the hills

. . . all of the ways you may have done this
one thing that sabotaged you

And how to never, ever do that again

I will train you out of this bad habit

It doesn't matter what time zone you're in. You will not miss anything that we do since it's all recorded and virtual.

Any time an issue comes up, the answer and support will be there for you to get through it.

I will walk you hand-in-hand into connecting in a way that you've never, ever experienced.

And with my support, we'll get you through those issues that have tripped you up in the past.


Phone Meeting Dates (4 calls): Wednesdays May 8th, 22nd, June 5th & 19th
- to keep moving forward, answer questions, get support & live personal insight with me -
6:00-7:00pm PDT (Los Angeles); 7:00pm MDT (Denver); 8:00pm CDT (Chicago); 9:00pm EDT (New York)
*next morning: 2:00-3:00am BST (London); 5:00-6:00am GST (Dubai); 11:00am-12:00pm AEST (Sydney)

Group Chat Dates (4 sessions): Wednesdays May 15th, 29th, June 12th & 26th
6:00-7:00pm PDT (Los Angeles); 7:00pm MDT (Denver); 8:00pm CDT (Chicago); 9:00pm EDT (New York)
*next morning: 2:00-3:00am BST (London); 5:00-6:00am GST (Dubai); 11:00am-12:00pm AEST (Sydney)
You can pop into Group Chat to get your Q's answered (even during work) or stay for the whole time. You can also leave questions ahead of time and get them answered in case the times are not convenient for you as well as get a complete copy of the Group Chat afterwards to keep forever and avail yourself of the insights gained there

Facebook Secret Group:
I will pop in daily to this group for hands-on support as well as teaching, answering questions and more. It's a super rare chance to have me hold your hand as you open up to connecting and going deep with the one you want

Weekly Modules:
to do at your leisure and have for a lifetime. You will learn a different way of being, interacting and connecting that will change it all for you

Regular Activities: to do

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Dating & Connecting Mastermind

Become Irresistible in Your Interactions

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ON SALE: Save $150!


This Mastermind is limited to just 30 people that I will coach LIVE for 2 months into becoming a connecting master

I expect the majority to be connected to their soulmate by the end of the course

It has been 3 years since I did any sort of live dating course (everyone from the last one is happily in love, many are married) so JUMP ON THIS if you want to get in on this rare chance to work with me personally to get your dating issues handled

Join this 8 Week Mastermind RIGHT NOW to ensure you get in

I want to help you get this part of your life handled, and I don't want anything to stand in your way... including your financial situation. So we are offering a payment plan that's easy as well as a full pay option with discount.

So... are you going to learn to win in love and the game of life? Or are you just going to sit on the sidelines, watching it happen? And hope you'll figure it out eventually.

It's all up to you...

I'd love to help you as I have thousands of others.

This is a super rare chance to work with me personally as your coach.

I can't wait to teach you, support you and get you into the arms of the love of your life . . . even if you've waited a lifetime.

Much love & support,

P.S. The spaces are already being filled for this rare and amazing Master Mind. If you want in, I would grab your enrollment right now . . . while you can

About Kathryn:

Kathryn Alice, author of Love Will Find You.
Kathryn Alice was a single mom for 10 years before meeting her soulmate Jon. She's a late bloomer who then had two more children in her forties. Kathryn is considered one of the U.S.'s foremost experts on soulmates & dating. Author of the bestseller Love Will Find You, she teaches around the world and is responsible for thousands of people recovering from heartbreak and finding the love of their lives. Her work has been featured in Psychology Today, USA Today, Daily Mail, New York Times, Parade, NBC, CNN and many other media. Kathryn directed the Agape Crisis Support Team for 6 years and is a graduate of Vanderbilt University. Kathryn has been married to her own soulmate, Jon, for 15 years
and they have four boys.

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