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The Coaching & Practitioner SUCCE$S PROGRAM

From: Kathryn Alice

Bestselling Author & Coach Los Angeles & the World

Dear Coach or Practitioner,

Being a practitioner has been the most rewarding career I could ever have imagined.

And I know that’s why you have also been drawn to this field. But I see far too many burnt-out coaches barely making ends meet. All while yielding life-changing results!. And I shake my head at how many talented coaches and couselors never make a go of it.

I’m one of the few from my particular training who has been able to go full-time. And beyond that, become hugely successful. One key to my success is that I used to shepherd doctors and professionals into major success as a marketer and public relationships specialist.

I already had a good template on how to BE successful. I also knew from the get-go that the time-for-money model of coaching produces burnout, something I experienced when I would do 10 sessions a day and then order delivery food and fall into bed.

If anything will take the joy out of being a practitioner, this is it. Equally frustrating is being ready to go but not attracting the clients who would SO benefit from seeing you.

From the beginning, I’ve mentored other practitioners who saw how well I was doing. And finally, I’ve put together something to help YOU achieve your goals in the way I’ve achieved mine — becoming full-time with more money than you need.

The BIBLE on How to Become WILDLY SUCCESSFUL as a Coach or Practitioner

Here it is, the

Teaching in Sydney, Australia to a Standing Room Only Crowd

I’m Ready to Share With You…

How to Go Beyond What You Ever Dreamed of As a Coach

In the beginning, like so many of us, I was plagued by doubt about being a practitioner. But I kept getting nudges telling me “you’re good at this. Keep going!” So I got licensed and had hoped for a modest success. In the early days, my idea of a great practice was 10 non-crisis clients that I would see in my home.

Ha! I applied what I knew about marketing to get going (starting with a secret method I’d love to teach you that I’ve dubbed “inner marketing”). And the clients kept coming until I was booked beyond solid.My teachings worked for me; I met my husband, Jon, got married and had more kids. But at this point, I was seriously stressed out. I joined a women’s networking group, not so much to network, but simply to get support, and it was suggested I “productize,” find ways to offer my work beyond one-on-one’s. I was already teaching workshops, so it was easy to start turning those into products.

This worked fabulously well, and I got much of my time back to be a hands-on mom and wife. I cannot tell you how grateful I have been for that networking group. Many high level successes came from that group, which is now defunct, and I determined to impart everything I learned for others who would not have access to this group. All this time, I was building a following, and little did I know what this would set me up for.

The invaluable counseling experience, the workshops, groups and the products set me up to gain the interest of a top notch literary agent who got nine major publishers vying for my first book, a great book deal and a book, Love Will Find You, that became a bestseller before it was even released!

I was able to take my coaching business virtual, free to island-hop and travel to relatives who need my care — while the success only grows. What I have learned is that you can take your license, your skills and turn them into anything you want. I believe that being a practitioner or coach is the key to the future. The self-made billionaires of the world today are not selling anything concrete – they are selling info and upliftment.

Look at the bestseller list and major successes like Oprah Winfrey and Steve Jobs. All it takes is some know how and some insider’s knowledge to make your practitioner business take you anywhere you’d like to be. It wasn’t some miracle that I’m able to enjoy this success. There is a formula, and these results are easily replicated, as I’ve seen with those who I’ve mentored. So now it’s YOUR turn! I’m about to reveal for YOU my secrets for becoming an unbelievably successful practitioner or coach: both financially and in the results you see for others.

“I am forever grateful for my work with Kathryn Alice. Under her counsel and tutelage, I healed what was holding me back, found my niche and continue to flourish today as a conscious childbirth counselor and healer seeing clients, teaching workshops, writing books and speaking all over the world.”

Stephanie Dawn, ALSP Founder, Sacred Birth Work

Whether you’re already a coach/consultant or are ready to be one, discover everything you need to know to go full-throttl

that have worked for me were my Teacher Trainees, who paid $5,000 for this knowledge. Yes, they also got the benefits of my brand and specialty, but their minds were blown by the things they didn’t know that had kept them from success.


The response was INCREDIBLE!

I realized that I wanted to include this info in the
Coaching & Practitioner SUCCE$S PROGRAM
I have long wanted to create, and finally it is HERE!

This program covers ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING I have to share regarding setting up, promoting, and running a coaching or practitioner business that gives you HUGE leverage in your business and what you can charge. This is what I know works, and those who have used this material are at a HUGE ADVANTAGE

In The Coach’s and Practitioners Program, not only do I share the specific strategies I recommend, but I also give you my own templates, basic setup, marketing channels, launch calendars that walk you every step of building a business with multiple income streams and unlimited cashflow potential.

I know you’re eager to know exactly what what the program covers. But first let’s take a look at the opportunities available to you…

What Are Today’s Opportunities in Coaching?

“Kathryn’s teaching materials enabled me to move forward confidently with my intention as a practitioner to consciously facilitate workshops and classes. This has given my career as a practitioner a huge boost, leading to more clients, visibility, success and fulfillment.”

Patricia Kingery, ALSP

Even during a so – called recession (something that I honestly have not seen for me or my students), coaches are in high demand, and this industry is booming.
People still have problems, still need support, and as knowledge of our service increases, the demand for a coach or practitioner is bigger than ever.

And there are more ways to use your practitioner or coach’s degree than ever. Beyond in-person sessions, you can offer phone or email support and expand to blogging (believe it or not, it’s easy to create a 6 figure business from blogging alone), workshops, teleseminars, products and writing. And then there’s passive income like affiliate sales and downloadable recordings and publications.

I want you to succeed. You are needed out there. And one problem that I see is that however you got licensed, you probably were not trained on how to generate serious revenue. It is SO much easier to do good in the world when you are comfortably supported, and how much more fun to have overflow to give back and expand even more.

It upsets me to see how often the trainings are small-minded. Students are encouarged to think little. No wonder so few really make a go of it!

“Whether you are just getting started in the healing gifts or you are a seasoned professional, Kathryn will help you improve your bottom line. Her mentoring will help both the seasoned professional and a beginner alike. It is worth the price of these materials just to get the examples and elements that work. If you are looking for simple, easy to understand instructions on how to start your coaching business, please do yourself a HUGE favor and sign up for this course.”

Rebecca E. Marina - Mission, Texas

There is a philosophy that we really shouldn’t charge or charge too much for what we do. I get into that quite a bit in the Program. My experience is that people get no value from something unless they make a commitment of money. I give guidelines in the manual on how to limit what you give away for free. The fact is, though, that you are running a business. You need to eat, to pay bills, to live comfortably.

To really give clients value, you need to charge well. There is no doubt about this.

But here’s the problem… these schools teach you how to make enough to get by, but you never learn how to generate serious revenues. The coaching industry on a whole seems to be very small-minded. Suggested marketing, fee rates and ways of gaining clients are limited, tepid and on the whole, ineffective and inadequate.

The Coaching & Practitioner Success Program gives you guidelines on what to charge, how to charge and will shift your mindset about why you charge and how much. It can take some getting used to, but when people line up to pay your rate (as you use the techniques in the manual), you will see why this was a necessary step in becoming in-demand.

What is the Financial Goal of This Program?

The bottom line goal is at least six (6) figures, and I show you how to do this (easily). For most, this will allow you to go full-time. But many of my students are making far more than 6 figures, even millions, and this goal is not unrealistic. It all depends on how you structure your business, what you want and what you’re willing to accept.

One of the keys is to specialize. Another is to build word-of-mouth, which is how my practice grew in the early days. In the Program, I tell you how much to specialize, how to build word-of-mouth and much more.

None of it is hard. If you have a phone and a computer, that’s all you need to get started building your business — even BEFORE you set up an office or counseling space, if that is one of your goals.

Even if you are just getting started, you have amazing potential, and I will help you realize it with no struggle at all.

Here’s a Sampling of What I Cover in DETAIL in the
Coaching & Practitioner SUCCE$S PROGRAM:


1. 8 Methods of Setting Up Coaching or Counseling Services at Lucrative Pricing & GETTING That Fee (pick the ones that suit YOU)

  • From the get-go, this material will steer you away from getting caught in the time-for-money trap which guarantees both burnout and a cap on your possible income

2. The Basics of Inner & Outer Marketing 

  • Whether you know it or not, you are your very best marketing resource. You’re the one who knows the value of what you do
  • Most programs skip the CRUCIAL first step of inner marketing. As you use my method to inner market, you may need to do very little further marketing to watch the clients line up
  • I clue you in on why people hire a coach or book with a counselor. You will learn how to reach them where they are and let them know WHY they need you
  • You will learn the difference between sales and marketing. I’ll teach you how to market SO well, you never have to sell yourself but instead you’ll have people tracking you down to book with you
  • PRICING: While fees vary wildly, I’ll give you a ballpark amount which you should never go below, some ranges and make you bullet-proof for ever again giving yourself away for free or undercharging
  • When you use my marketing formula, no one will ever again question your fee nor ask why you’re worth it
  • How to get testimonials from people that help your business immensely (this is just as good as word-of-mouth)

2. The Leap You Must Make to Charge & Get More 

  • This includes getting rid of the poverty consciousness that many certification programs foster (even when they say they’re gearing you for success)
  • This Program is PACKED with audio, processes and exercises to get help you easily make this leap in consciousness. Why? Because it is the single greatest predictor of your future success — more than all of the know-how in the world. It is one of my specialties: helping folks gain the MAGNETIC ATTRACTION ENERGY that makes things flow in unprecedented ways in your business
  • I will prime you for big change and by the time you get through the material, you will have a new mentality about what you can do that will skyrocket your success
  • You will walk away finally believing in yourself and what you are worth, which will determine your success. I have been through this myself and walked with others through the self-doubt that will limit your success and effectiveness. This process of energizing your self-worth cannot be denied.

4. The Dynamics of Working with Small, Medium & Large Groups

  • This material is what you will not find elsewhere. I looked and it was one of the reasons I first developed mentoring material. I had to start from scratch and there is no need for you to
  • The templates, list of workshops exercises and outlines for different type of group work are worth the price of this manual ALONE
  • I have been known as the “workshop queen” at my large spiritual center. There’s a reason why not only do people line up and almost every workshop sells out but also why people go away raving about how good my events are. I’ll let you in on the secret
  • I clue you in on the difference between teaching a small group, a teleseminar, a multi-week course and a huge, one-time workshop. Each one is different and must be handled differently.
  • You will learn why sometimes teaching a group of 20 is more lucrative than a workshop of 150

5. Productizing – Why Everything You Do Can Become a Productthat Makes You Passive Income

  • Learn how easy it is to replicate yourself, which is one of the keys to avoiding burnout
  • Resources – not only do I show you how to make products, but I also share with you some amazing secrets to produce them at no or low-cost — including the vendors we use, which no-cost solutions work and which to avoid
  • Going virtual — you may know about our other company — The Portable Lifestyle — in which we train others to go virtual and free themselves to travel while working with constant business expansion. Productizing is a great way to go virtual and I show you how easy it is to accomplish this goal. Can you imagine not needing to be anywhere and being able to make a living while island hopping? This is not pie in the sky. It can be a reality quite easily for you
  • Successful Product Launching — there’s a formula that I use that made my book get on the top 10 Bestseller list off of pre-orders before it was released. It’s easy to implement. I spell this out for you.

6. Publishing  

  • I will differentiate for you the difference between self-publishing and signing on with a publishing house. And give you exciting new options and methods that are only now coming forth. While I do both, the ONLY reason my book was all over South Africa when we arrived there was because I signed with a major publisher, after having 9 interested.
  • I give you the pro’s and cons of each publishing method and how to easily go about securing an agent and getting published, despite the horror stories and hardship many tell about publishing. Everything in this manual gears you to getting published and even having publishers vie to get you.

What Exactly Will I Get with the Coaching & Practitioner SUCCE$S PROGRAM?

1. A Fat Manual

The core of the program is your fat, 11 Chapter Manual that walks you through the entire program in detail. It contains dozens of templates, notes, samples, and examples that I use as you go through all the sessions. It’s divided by topic so it’s easy to find what you need. And it is PACKED with resources.

2. Over 4 Hours of Audio

You get 4 CDs’ worth of audio recordings that you can listen to while you drive or work out. I lead you through some of the material in the manual, but more importantly, you will verbally hear the same things I have told people in mentoring sessions and consultations for years. You’ll hear what these people heard that propelled them into success beyond what they had imagined. I include stories, tips, pep talks and re-inforcement for everything in the Manual to enrich your learning experience. It’s a powerful way to absorb and EMBODY this material.

3.  Bonus Materials

We’ve packed in tons of bonus materials to ensure you’re all set to go. The most powerful techniques that I use in my own business and to lead others into success are included in these materials.

20+ Forms, Checklists, Templates, and Outlines – the Same Ones My Team and I Use to Sell and Run All of Our Programs!

Here’s just a sampling of the extras you get.

  • Sample Flyer for display – most flyers fall WAY short of what is needed. This one makes sure yours “leap out” at people and draw them in.
  • Basic Content for your website. It can just be one page to start out and to be highly effective
  • Brochure Template for selling your practitioner services
  • Media release form for workshops and meetings
  • Sample agenda for various types of workshops, events and groups
  • Phone appointment scheduling forms
  • Live coaching scheduling forms

Your downloadable files contain tons of these materials that you can use for your own coaching programs. It has taken me years to accrue these and I’m giving them to you as part of this program.

A 5th CD-Length Audio with 5 Guided Meditations

I’m famous for my guided meditations. They are what tip the scales toward change, reaching those parts of you that are not easily accessible or resistant to change, even though you need to expand into what you want. 

5 Guided Meditations, complete with music, address every major area that you need to uplevel from self-esteem and abundance-consciousness to opening to your perfect clients to stepping into being a dynamic speaker and workshop leader.

The Success Template Game

With all of this material, it’s tempting to go nuts in the doing — working overtime on creating everything you want at once. This is not necessary and making it into too much work can be counterproductive. So, I’ve included a game you can play when you’re driving, working out or at home when you take some time out.

  • What game? It’s a fun way to build your “mental equivalent,” your template for success. A low setpoint is responsible for your limits and every time you play this game you raise your setpoint for attracting success.
  • The quickest way to speed forward is to make where you’re headed as real as you can. This fun game does just that.
  • What’s the game like? It’s a CD-length audio track. You listen to it, you answer the questions while driving or lying in bed, you let the game spark your imagination, and all of a sudden your dreams begin to come true. It also comes with a downloadable workbook where you can record your answers and even aid visualization.
  • The Game includes sections on each area you may want to branch out into, so you can play the game for whatever avenues you’re pursuing as a coach.
  • Why a game? I started doing this with my Deliberate Creation Program and it has had fabulous success. I make my own pursuits in to a game, which makes achieving more fun and I’ve seen that it works far better than just going gonzo with to-do lists and action steps.
  • This game forces you to be more in the being and less in the doing, and it’s the leap-off point for introducing magic into your practice-building. You will see things land in your lap as you play this game.

I’m Interested, but What’s My Investment?

My mentoring costs anywhere from $36,000 to $5,000. There’s a reason. Not only do I train them in my highly-effective methods but I do what other programs don’t do — I show them how to implement the business from a profitability standpoint. And the goal is always 6 figures or more.

In the Coach & Practitioner Success Program, I do the same thing. Everything is geared toward your success, whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned coach.

These secrets are proprietary, things I’ve implemented for me and taught dozens of others who are making 6 figures or even millions.

The Coach & Practitioner Success Program manual, the audio recordings, the guided meditation bonuses, the Success Template Game, plus all of the templates is priced at a modest $247 for the downloadable version. Order it NOW!

I believe and have evidence that everything included is a lifechanger. And the information tends to pay for itself almost immediately even if you implement just one or two of the income streams that I show you how to put in place.

“Kathryn Alice was the very catalyst to launch my private practice (which is thriving). I still use the materials I learned at her Professional Practice program. Recently, I was contacted with a request to buy those very materials from me because they are now out of print! Kathryn’s work was the foundation for my consciousness shift in realizing my professional value. Following in her footsteps, I now travel the world with groups and am writing my first book! I send her blessings and gratitude daily.”

Melinda Allec

“Prior to listening to Kathryn Alice’s teachings my counseling practice was just a dream with a reality of zero clients. Today, I have a thriving business and clientele, am able to provide for my family and LOVE what I do. Thanks to Kathryn, I discovered the power of finding my niche and now help throngs of people with healing relationship and couple’s counseling. For those serious about upleveling their business, relationships and life, this woman is THE one to learn from. Not only is Kathryn Alice able to effectively articulate what I call “game-changing” teachings but she is the pure embodiment of power, love, success and authenticity! You Rock, K!!!”

Cory Tyler, ALSP Relationship Specialist

The Bottom Line

Many practitioners and healers don’t know how to make money with their skills. There is such a need for the work we do, and plenty of people who would gladly pay for our services if they knew about them and where to get them. In this program, you will learn:

  • Marketing your workshop with no money: what works, what doesn’t
  • Making a small ad budget to reap major returns
  • Advertising know-how
  • The basics of PR – free listings in magazines and other places
  • Other ways of attracting people to your workshops
  • Picking the topic that’s right for you
  • Includes do’s and don’ts for teaching a great seminar of any size
  • Details on naming workshops, effective formats, props, handouts, exercises, marketing and intention-setting
  • EXAMPLES of effective marketing materials
  • Gain insight into how you can be a great workshop leader no matter who you are or how shy you might be
  • How much to charge: price points
  • Days of the week and times that work
  • “Branding” your seminars as your own
  • Building a following
  • Expanding your work into other venues and cities
  • Why you should charge money for your services
  • How to build a demand for your work
  • How to educate people on what you do
  • Networking tips
  • Ways to foster an abundance mentality surrounding your work
  • How much to charge and how to fill your calendar
  • How much to specialize, how diverse you should stay
  • How to give yourself a high profile as a practitioner
  • Attracting clientele that will honor your fee without question
  • The balance and difference between serving and being a professional
  • Why you should limit your sliding scale< clientele
  • Ways to create good boundaries and stop giving yourself away for free
  • Tools that increase your professionalism and add to your credibility

Buy this Program NOW and Take Your Practice to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!!

Kathryn Alice’s
Coaching & Practitioner

Full-Pay Downloadable Version: $497 $357

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RETURN POLICY: Any product that is defective can be returned for an exchange for the same product. Once you pay for admission to a workshop, this fee is nonrefundable. If there are extenuating circumstances that prevent you from being at an event you’ve paid for, email us and we can work out an exchange for merchandise or another workshop. Thank you for honoring these policies. They are one of the reasons our prices are so reasonable. Love & blessings to you!

About Kathryn:

Based in Los Angeles, Kathryn Alice, ALSP, RScP is author of the bestseller Love Will Find You. She has mentored thousands of people who are also now successful workshop leaders & private practitioners. Her work has appeared in Psychology TodayCosmopolitanThe New York TimesAPUSA TodayParade MagazineBODY+SOUL, and on MontelNBC and The Aware Show. Based at the Agape International Spiritual Center, Kathryn directed its Crisis Support Team for 6 years & teaches on 5 continents. Kathryn is married with 4 boys. 
She is a graduate of Vanderbilt University.