The 30-Day Breakup Bootcamp

One month to get over your breakup, get happy and move on!

A proven way to get over your heartbreak

      Kathryn Alice

               Expert on Dissolving Attachment
                  & Heartbreak Recovery


Are you suffering from a break-up, heartbreak,
a divorce or even an unrequited love?

Do you need help learning how to let go?

Do you have difficulty ever releasing anyone?

I can help you heal and permanently move on

And I would love to!

Order the 30-Day Breakup Bootcamp NOW!

Dear One,                      
Similarly to my wildly popular 30-Day Soulmate Bootcamp -- that I conducted once live in 2005 -- and that then became a product that has helped thousands find love......the 30-Day Breakup Bootcamp will walk you through even the most painful breakup to a completely different state before the holidays.

I get emails virtually every day from people thanking me for what my release work has done for their lives! The grateful people number in the thousands.

This is your chance for a new lease on life.

Nothing will have the power to hold you back any longer.

You can abandon any tragedy of your existence and turn your life into a triumph from here on out.

This course has been compiled from the best of my release work, available for the first time as a standalone product.

Get this product NOW if you need this work. Your life will change for good.

Isn't it time to start a new story? Start NOW!

I can't wait to help you turn the corner once & for all and get the happiness you SO deserve.

I bless you for learning to release and live the life you've always dreamed of!

love & support,

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What's So Special about a Bootcamp?

People SWEAR BY my bootcamps, because they provide a consistent, daily different FOCUS that forces you to move forward and break the bad habit that has held you back -- in this case the attachment to your ex.

The Breakup Bootcamp has proven so strong because not only does it help to dissolve your attachment but it REPLACES it so you won't slide back into misery, pain and frustration again.

This material has taken people from being on their KNEES, prostrate with grief and drama, to being OVER IT and able to create a happier, fulfilled life beyond the attachment.

It will do the same for you!

One of the secrets of my success - and the one I'm asked to teach to other mental health professionals -- is my process that reaches the parts of you that are resistant to change.

While your conscious mind may know you want to let go, parts of you may not agree, and these parts are hard to get to unless you know how.

How You Are Supported:

REMEMBER, This is a DO-AT-HOME Course, and that is a PLUS!
You can start when you need it and don't have to delay in beginning
your journey to healing, release and moving on to better days.

You will also receive
3 Guided Meditations

1. Release Meditation: to release the trauma, the hurt, the feelings of rejection and most of all, the attachment. This effective process is a form of hypnosis and one of the keys to Kathryn's effective release teachings.

2. Moving On Meditation: this meditation takes you on a virtual reality so that your focus pulls you to the rest of your life that is waiting rather than keeping you stuck in heartache & pain

3. Manifestation Meditation: this short meditation for daily use guides you through the manifestation process to call forth your soulmate.

The 30-Day Breakup Bootcamp will take away the pain, soothe you immediately, get you through the worst of it quickly, accelerate your healing, and get you to better days MINDBLOWINGLY FAST. In a very short period of time, you will not believe how different things are for you.

• Learn an easy test to know whether you should stay or go - no more uncertainty or time wasted if it'll NEVER work out. End the pain NOW either way

• The 30-Day Breakup Bootcamp will save you hundreds of dollars on therapy, counseling or revenge shopping (it will pay for itself)

• Several people who have done this process with Kathryn have had their ex begging to come back but met someone else

• It takes 21 days to form a new habit, so in the 30 you'll have doing this work, you will see a marked difference in your life. It may be unrecognizable, and your friends will wonder what happened to you! You'll be surprised at how good the holidays will be for you.

Week 1:
Soothing, Getting a Handle on the Pain & What's the Best Course of Action - You will stabilize yourself using this week's material

Week 2:
Release - You will do a very effective release process and let go of any behavior, emotions or patterns that just make it worse. This is a very pivotal week.

Week 3:
Replace - You will learn to replace all of the yucky stuff and patterns that have thwarted you with a New You and a New Life much, much better than you imagined you could have right now.

Week 4:
Moving on and Thriving - You will begin embodying all you've worked toward and start having some serious fun. At this point, the attachment is a distance memory, the pain is gone, and you feel free to welcome in newness, much better things & circumstances into your life, and you know how to do just that!

PriceOnly $597 with nothing more to pay EVER!
                                       (4-pay plan also available).

Plus, You Get These Bonus Gifts with Your Order!!!

1) Partial Release Protocol (audio and report) to show you how to walk the fine line of still having an attachment in your life but being free enough for something better . . . for when you are on the fence about whether to let go or not. This particular technology has been called a "lifesaver" by several who were in that no man's land in between releasing and still connecting with someone.

2) Boundaries (audio and report) Learn to hold your own if you have been a doormat in life or in any relationship. Discover how to take back your power if you have chronically given it away in relationship

3) Changing Your Script It has been observed that we hand people a "script" to show them how to treat us. And until we change our script, we will continue to experience the same patterns over and over again in others. This powerful process shows you how to finally alter your script for good -- finally expecting and receiving different behavior and learning to demand and get what you want

4) Beyond Victimhood Teleseminar. This recording will flip your switch from feeling like a victim to really choosing what you want and making it happen. Teaching, tools, tips, Q & A. 60 minute mp3 recording

THE WARNING: Many people who do this process watch their love clamor to be back in their lives. You can use this to forge a cordial relationship, but tread cautiously in reflaming something that may not work out. You truly may have better waiting you. But it's really fun to have that choice :-)

I can't wait to help you have a new lease on life.