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Feel Deserving to Get What (& Who) You Want – FREE class!

• Expand your ability to receive love

• Let go of old, restrictive patterns

• Learn why you’ll never get what you want if you don’t feel worthy

• 3 ways you sabotage yourself & don’t know it

• The secret indicator that will tell you whether you’ll be rich or poor

Click HERE and Join Kathryn for this free class to overcome your biggest block to love, to money & anything else you want

The Self-Esteem Builder LIVE: Universal Attractant – Telecourse
Enroll NOW! First Call Is on June 3rd

If you are not getting what you want in life. If you’ve felt like a victim, a doormat, then listen up.
This is the first time this course will be offered LIVE in 8 years. It follows a 4 week process with guided meditations, subject-specific building blocks to manifest in love, career, finances and socially plus exercises, examples, stories, homework, diagrams, formulas and more. Plus, a followup recording to ensure everything you’ve learned “sticks” until you embody it.

  • Eradicate long-standing patterns of self-denigration
  • Abandon any negative “script” – a self-assessment you hand the world that then acts accordingly. When you have a script that says “kick me,” you instantaneously and unknowingly tell people to treat you with disrespect. We will shred that any destructive script that you have and replace it with the script that you want in your life
  • Lay in a healthy set of boundaries that are easy to implement (bonus gift: Boundaries Course – audio and written report)
  • Never again feel insignificant in any situation

Certified Love Attraction™ Coach Teacher Training
Enroll NOW for the 2020 Session

This training will teach you how to become a Certified Love Attraction™ Coach. If you are drawn to this calling and like Kathryn’s work, that is all you need to qualify for the program. Kathryn will virtually lead you through this experience where you will have invaluable time to learn from her and others’ experiences along with personal attention, something that is highly sought-after and hard to get.

We will play to your strengths as we craft your practice to suit who you are, your preferences and what suits you the best in your business.

Click HERE for more information on the 2020 C.L.A.C. Teacher Training


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