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Check out our current listings below and be sure to check back periodically for additional events, products & sales! Blessings on a fruitful spring!

Connecting with the One: a FREE Class - Available NOW
Dating & Connecting: Mastermind 8 Week Course - Begins May 3rd, 2017

Connecting with the One

     - FREE Class

Available NOW

• learn how to connect in a way that makes you irresistible
• fine tune your energy to attract those you are drawn to . . . even if you have never
  attracted anyone you wanted
• learn to magnetize those you find hot, even if you never meet anyone interesting
• have people chasing you down to find out who you are
• You can even use this skill in business, friendships and any other area you want
• 3 secrets that will accelerate a relationship and bond you like magic with someone
  you're into

Don't miss this class that will show you WHY we have a wall of weddings, thousands who have found love through this work

Are you next?!

Click HERE to Register NOW

Dating & Connecting Mastermind

     - 8-Week Course

Begins May 3rd, 2017

 • This program will help to implant the skill of attracting who you want into your mind,
   personality and way of being to make it a habit that is permanent
 • You can use the skills we will perfect in this mastermind in other areas of your life...
   like work, where your ability to connect makes you a charismatic success at what
   you do
 • Once you know how to shine your light fully, you will never look back and never
   be alone again


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for additional upcoming events and products available for sale.

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