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Date for Your Soulmate Do-at-Home Course

From: Kathryn Alice


Wednesday 6:00 p.m.

Dear one,

Are you fed-up with casual dating? Are you SERIOUS about dating differently for YOUR SOULMATE?

This do-at-home program has gotten mindblowing results. I'm excited to share this information on an effective, quick journey into love. I want SO much for you to unite with your One!

This course with take you through a deep & proven process to:
         • reprogram your mindset about dating
         • to connect better
         • raise your point of attraction
         • and easily bring on love for you

You'll be guided through a journey to love that makes dating fun & effective.

Keep reading for more details on this technique that removes the drama, the rejection and wasted time from dating.

I'm blessing you for getting over the dating hump and into the arms of your soulmate quickly!

Love & support,

Date for Your Soulmate Course to become irresistible in your interactions

This 4-week do-at-home course is for a
select group who are ready for soulmate love
and ready to date for this purpose.


As you undergo the activities and principles Kathryn teaches you, you will not believe how fast things will change as you enter a whole new world of dating that feels like magic with you being more popular than you ever imagined.

backed up by POWERFUL tools
to date for the Love of your Life!

This course is tailored
to those SERIOUS about
dating for their soulmates
as well as for those who have
been stymied by dating
or have felt blocked from love

 • There is a lot of dating advice out there, and most of it is working at the wrong level to bring you soulmate love

 • If you focus on INCORRECT strategies, you'll be stuck where you are or worse, manifest a relationship that is NOT with your soulmate

 • In this course, not only will you get CLEAR on which level you need to inhabit, you will learn how to do so and will practice maintaining soulmate level WHILE INTERACTING during these unbelievably transformative four weeks

 • As our wall of weddings shows you, this technique works like nothing else you've ever experienced

 • It will get SO GOOD for you so quickly, you will never look back

Make This YOUR Time of LOVE!!

And There's MORE:


1. One 90 minute Learning Module for each week that includes one step in this four step process, Q & A, exercises, examples and case studies

2. Detailed class notes with visuals to enrich your learning with each module

3. Homework each week to implement the dating process Kathryn will teach you

4. This class "forces" you to connect in an irresistible way at a level that ensures soulmate love as you date. Exercises will hone your practice so you are at a very different dating level

5. A different guided meditation for each week that will line up the parts of you that may subconsciously be sabotaging your dating results. These meditations are a KEY to changing your energy & aligning all parts of you to attract your soulmate

BONUS: An extra 5th Module for the Course Wrapup and a Followup Program to keep you on track

I'm holding a strong intention
with you that you become one
of the tens of thousands who
have done my work, manifested
& have to constantly pinch
themselves to be sure their
life is not a dream.

SPECIAL: Bonus Course Available ONLY
During This Current Offer

The 3-step Target Dating Process ensures that you
no longer spin your wheels in dating or go through
frustrating hurtful experience. TARGET DATING
will lead you right into the arms of your One.

Click HERE for More Information on Target Dating

Nothing Will Have the

Power to Hold You Back

as You Do This Work!

About Kathryn:

Kathryn Alice, ALSP, RScP, is author of the instant bestseller Love Will Find You.
Kathryn has taught internationally in over 50 cities on 5 continents and has helped tens of thousands find love through dating differently.

Her work has been featured in Psychology Today, The New York Times, AP, The Daily Mail, BODY+SOUL, Parade, Cosmopolitan, USA Today, Los Angeles Magazine and on Montel, NBC and The Aware Show. Kathryn directed the Agape Crisis Support Team for 6 years.

She has a degree from Vanderbilt University and has been married to her own soulmate for over a decade. They have 4 boys and a girl.

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