The 30-Day Soulmate Bootcamp

An Effective, Intense Program to Call Forth Love

"Kathryn; after doing your Soulmate Bootcamp, I met Jim. We connected instantly (in April 2011) and we were just married on July 22, 2012. Its been a blessing each day with him. I attached some pics of our incredible wedding on a golf course here in Colorado. Thank you for all that you do in your life because you touch many."

              - Marsha Jarnigan

If you are serious about love,
but have felt blocked,
this program will
FORCE you to change
in a Super Fun Way!

After many years of people hearing about this special "underground" program, Kathryn has made The Soulmate Bootcamp available to the public -- with $100+ worth of bonuses as additional downloadable files. Originally only in print form, you can now get it RIGHT AWAY.

Order the 30-Day Soulmate Bootcamp NOW and
$100+ worth of BONUSES with your order

   BONUS #1:      Getting to the Soulmate Stage of Attraction ($25 value)

"I met my soulmate right at the
tail end of doing this program,
after many years of being single.
I will do The 30-Day Soulmate
Bootcamp for the rest of my life. It has changed me more profoundly than I ever dreamed of."

           - Edith Blue, Boston
This MINDBLOWING teleseminar has created a stir that won't seem to stop. It will change the way you think of love & dating for good and remove you from the downside of dating permanently, taking your love life to a new level of possibility.

   BONUS #2:      Where is My Soulmate?!
 ($25 value)

If you are impatient for love,
this teleseminar will help.
Not only will it help with your impatience but help you accelerate the process of
bringing in love.

   BONUS #3:      Manifesting Love
 ($20 value)

This breakthrough workshop
and bestselling CD helps you
call forth your soulmate and includes a powerful Soul Call
to use as you experience the Soulmate Bootcamp.

   BONUS #4:      Article Reprint:
 A Lid for Every Pot

From a spiritual perspective, it makes sense that you would meet your mate while being yourself. Almost every religion holds being one's self sacred. By censoring yourself or curbing your behavior, you pre-judge yourself with no idea what another person may find appealing. The old Southern adage 'there's a lid for every pot,' can be seen as a spiritual affirmation, meaning whoever you are, whatever you're like and what-
ever your perceived imperfections may be, there's someone for you.

   BONUS #5:      Printable PDF Chart: The 3 Levels of Attraction ($30 value)
Ensure yourself that once you get there, you stay at the Soulmate Level. This breakthrough material will change the way that you date and who you let in. This rarely available information will reinforce everything that you learn in the Bootcamp, and many have said it provided a seminal moment in their love lives.

What Exactly IS The
30-Day Soulmate Bootcamp?

"Thank you so much for helping me to attract an amazing man in my life. I met him in Hawai'i 4 months ago and we have been dating ever since. We even independently moved both back to San Francisco. When he kissed me in the parking lot he announced that he can't believe how close I am (to his list). It kind of reads like one of the stories in your book which I read over and over again. Thanks for making a difference in people's hearts, Kathryn!"

           - Antje and Broderick

Order the 30-Day Soulmate Bootcamp NOW!

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Buy the 30-Day Soulmate Bootcamp:
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Buy the 30-Day Soulmate Bootcamp:
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Buy the 30-Day Soulmate Bootcamp:
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Deliberate Creation Program
with the
30-Day Soulmate Bootcamp
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About Kathryn:

Kathryn Alice, ALSP, RScP, is author of the instant bestseller Love Will Find You. She has taught internationally in over 50 cities on 5 continents. She has helped tens of thousands of people make their dreams come true. Her work has been featured in Psychology Today, The New York Times, AP, BODY+SOUL, Parade, USA Today, Los Angeles Magazine and on Montel, NBC and The Aware Show. Kathryn directed Agape's Crisis Support Team for 6 years.

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